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The “Guangzhou Transportation Card” manufactured by Golden Card Company wins awards

The annual Elan Awards held by International Card Manufacturing Association (ICMA) is the most important and influential activity in global smart card manufacturing industry‚ and the attendees are all of the members of ICMA.

Recently‚ After strict evaluation and inspection by ICMA and relevant expert organizations in smart card industry‚ the “Guangzhou Transportation Card” manufactured by Golden Card Company was ranked as top 3 of Best Non-Secure Card Design Awards in the fifth Elan Awards evaluation held by ICMA.

Guangzhou Transportation Card uses the Mifare 1 technology developed by PHILIPS company and passive ways to transmit energy and data by radio frequency‚ and therefore eliminates contact operation. Its PET card materials have high temperature resistance‚ anti-distortion and anti-pollution properties. The passengers could take transportation vehicles such as bus‚ ferry and subway as well as go shopping by this card.

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