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Aisino and ZTESSC Strategic Cooperation Agreement

  Recently, Aisino Corporation and ZTESSC signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Based on the two parties’ business and resource advantages in the field of finance and taxation, Aisino and ZTESSC jointly cooperated in the construction of financial sharing and tax informatization, promoted the integration and promotion of financial sharing centers and tax informatization products, and provided comprehensive financial and tax solutions for various enterprises in China.

  ZTESSC is a company specialized in management consulting, information technology and knowledge service in the field of financial sharing services. It is committed to providing professional solutions of financial digital transformation, overall solutions of global financial sharing services, information technology solutions and training services to enterprises.

  In recent years, with the implementation of the new fiscal and taxation policies and the gradual implementation of electronic special invoice, there is an urgent need for comprehensive sharing of corporate finance and tax. Aisino and ZTESSC make full use of Internet thinking to integrate resources, and jointly create financial and tax sharing products and platforms, providing enterprises with services such as full-service accounting system, shared operation management, financial big data analysis, contract settlement system, supplier settlement platform, and capital management system, Input authentication system, invoicing collaborative management, invoice pool, invoice management covering all tax categories, tax declaration management, supply chain coordination, big data analysis of taxation and risk control, tax planning and etc.

  The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement illustrates a strong alliance between Aisino and ZTESSC in a broader field and at a higher level. In the follow-up, both parties will make use of their respective advantages and work together in the field of finance and taxation to help improve the financial and tax management capabilities of Chinese enterprises.

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