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Aisino Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CMEC

  On June 17, 2020, Aisino Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as “Aisino”) and China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “CMEC”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony was connected to the three venues in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen through video conferences. On Aisino side, Party Secretary and Chairman, Ma Tianhui, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager, Chen Rongxing, Deputy General Managers, Cheng Zhen, Ma Zhenzhou, Liu Haifa and related units participated in the signing ceremony at Beijing venue. On CMEC side, Party Secretary and Chairman, Xie Chunlin, Deputy Party Secretary and General manager, Wang Yongxin, Deputy General Managers, Liu Weiwu, Yan Wushan, Ding Lei, Chief Digital Officer, Ding Jun and related departments attended the signing ceremony at CMEC’s venues in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

  MA Tianhui Was Addressing a Speech 

  Ma Tianhui stated in her speech that in face of the severe test caused by the epidemic, Aisino and CMEC shall rise to the difficulties with a tenacious spirit and work together to show the responsible play of centrally-administrated state-owned companies. She expressed that Aisino enjoys advantages and experience in domestic blockchain technology research, which right tallies with the practice of intelligent shipping by CMEC and might open up a new era for innovative cooperation mode in the shipping industry. Aisino is willing to cooperate with CMEC, utilizing digital technology to exploit innovative technologies and application of the upstream and downstream shipping industry chain, and ultimately practicing the mission of strengthening the country with science and technology.

  Xie Chunlin Was Addressing a Speech

  Xie Chunlin addressed that Aisino is equipped with core technologies of information security, big data, and blockchain, etc., which are complementary to the concept and needs of the digital transformation, profound industrial accumulation, and application scenarios of CMES. CMES hopes to join hands with Aisino to combine the abundant scenarios of shipping industry with the integrated application of blockchain technology and digital technology to jointly explore the digital integration, interoperability and information interconnection of all parties in the shipping industry chain to build data-driven shipping collaboration and services ecology.

  Chen Rongxing Signed the Agreement on behalf of Aisino

  Wang Yongxin Signed the Agreement on behalf of CMES

  At the ceremony, Chen Rongxing and Wang Yongxin signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Aisino Corporation and China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd. on behalf of the two parties respectively.

  Beijing Venue

  Hong Kong Venue

  Shenzhen Venue

  The strategic cooperation between Aisino and CMES is a strong cross-industry and cross-sector alliance, as well as a new beginning for the two parties to jointly promote the digital transformation happened in the traditional shipping industry with information security and other technologies.

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