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Aisino Corporation Helps the Setup of New National EID Manufacturing Center in Angola

  In recent days, the new National EID Manufacturing Center was officially founded in Angola. On 8th November, the president of Angola, Mr. Lorenzo attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and praised highly of the Center’s positive role on the electric management of resident ID cards as well as the social and economic progress of Angola.  

  The President of Angola Cut the Ribbon

  The National EID Manufacturing Center of Angola was contracted to build by CEIEC while Aisino, as the supplier of software, hardware and related service, was in charge of system planning, software system development, as well as supplying hardware, software and card materials.

  In August 2019, Aisino quickly responded to the Center’s request of hardware installation and data transfer and finished all tasks as required as soon as possible. So far, Aisino has ensured all card manufacturing devices to be put into production, on which over 3.4 million ID cards have been issued.    

  New EID Manufacturing Center of Angola

  The system solution for Angola EID Manufacturing Center fully demonstrates Aisino’s technological advantage. With regard to hardware, Aisino offers both card manufacturing devices for mass production (JKFZ9 series large-scale multifunctional card manufacturing device), and desktop devices, associated equipment and consumables for small-scale card manufacturing. All devices provided for this project can be double coated and double printed for better protection. In terms of cards, Aisino considered local factors of climate, temperature, and humidity in Africa and specifically developed multiple innovative anti-counterfeiting technologies to enhance information security.

  In the future, Aisino will closely correspond to China’s initiative of “Belt and Road”, and integrate resources into exploiting international collaboration, so as to improve our brand influence and industry development capability. 

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