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Aisino Won the Bid of China Telecom’s Project for 2018 Collective Procurement of IT Devices (Storage Part)

  On February 13th, 2019, Aisino Corporation won the bid of China Telecom’s project for 2018 collective procurement of IT devices (the storage part) with a total amount of above 15.8 million CNY.
  Through Procurement of basic devices and services for telecommunication operation, the Project would contribute to the China Telecom Group’s operation stability and provide basic equipment and complete services for innovation.
  This was Aisino’s second winning of China Telecom’s collective procurement project, while last December, Aisino successfully bid for its collective procurement of IT devices (server part). The winning would further enrich Aisino’s product line, including software, server and storage, in the field of China Telecom-oriented supply business.

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