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Aisino Corporation Attending China Hi-Tech Fair 2007

China Hi-Tech Fair 2007 was hold at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from October 12 to October 17‚ 2007. Aisino Corporation participated in the fair with RFID Application Solution and Society Information Collection Platform of Golden Shield Project‚ manifesting its innovation achievements and advanced technology strength in the field of electronic information.

This is the first time that Aisino Corporation exhibited RFID Application Solution in China Hi-Tech Fair. The solution‚ comprised of Freeway No-Stop Charge System‚ Electronic Label Anti-Fake System‚ Smart Supermarket Management System‚ Smart Library Management System‚ RFID Asset Management System‚ etc.‚ deals with such fields as transportation‚ logistics‚ storage‚ retail‚ security‚ travel‚ customs‚ anti-fake certificate and license and so on. Having already been practiced in some provinces‚ the solution has not only solved problems of security‚ efficiency‚ resource integration and technology upgrade of the fields that mentioned above‚ but also improved work efficiency and informatization management level.

Aiming to cooperate with “Technology and Olympic Games” strategy‚ Aisino Corporation joins RFID Backward Management System Construction by right of RFID Backward Management Solution. With RFID Electronic Label as basic carrier of flowing data and basic information unit‚ the solution adopts technologies of advanced information transmission‚ computer network‚ and database‚ ensuring security of Olympic food provision system.

Society Information Collection Platform is the platform of multi-operation information collection and sharing developed by Aisino Corporation. Society Information Collection Platform‚ Society Information Resource Base and Eight Information Resource Bases applied in Public Security lay a defend and control net for Public Security work. The solution has been put in extensive use in Beijing‚ Shanghai‚ Chongqing‚ Tianjin‚ Jiangsu‚ Henan‚ Guangxi‚ etc‚ which assists Public Security in capturing thousands of suspects‚ and makes great contribution in safeguarding social peace‚ protecting people’s life and wealth and furthering Public Security informatization.

Acknowledged as The Top China Technology Exhibition‚ China Hi-Tech Fair is a technology exhibition with biggest scale and deepest influence. During the exhibition‚ a lot of professionals visited the booth of Aisino Corporation. Besides that‚ the committee of the fair and officers of China Aerospace & Industry Group listed to the introduction of Aisino Corporation and gave appraisals for its technology strength.


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