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Aisino Corporation Holding A Series of Strategy Layout Training

Aisino Corporation held a sand game stimulation training titled “Battle in Market” from September 2 to September 3‚ 2007. About 40 personnel participated in the training.

The training was chaired by Mawei‚ general manager of Motorola region training and authorized lecturer of Cross China Sand Game Stimulation Training. Focusing on the corporation strategy‚ the training was mainly consisted of market analysis‚ strategy layout and implementation‚ budget management‚ research and development‚ production‚ distribution‚ etc.

Via the study‚ the participants got better understanding of corporation operation management‚ strategy‚ and finance and began to make decisions from view of strategy and a higher level. This will be of great help for future corporation strategy layout and budget management.

On the basis of middle-level officers training demand questionnaire‚ and oriented towards annual strategy and layout‚ the corporation made a series of training plan aimed at middle-level officers’ management ability enhancement. This training is the third lesson after “corporation culture” and “human resource management of non-human resource manager”. In light of the whole layout of Aisino human resource system‚ the corporation is going to hold more lessons oriented towards middle-and-high level supervisors and back-up personnel‚ aiming to improve management techniques and management application.
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