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Aisino Holds the Second Aisino Forum (2018)

On May 15, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) held the Second Aisino Forum (2018). Leading cadres at middle level and above of various departments, centers, research institutes, industry headquarters, branches and subsidiaries of the company as well as relevant personnel engaged in technology research and development participated in the event at the main venues and through video sessions.

Wang Jian delivers a special report

This year, the Forum specially invited Dr. Wang Jian, Chairman of the Technical Committee of 阿里巴巴 Group to deliver a special report titled “Exploring 阿里巴巴’s Thinking of the City’s Brain from the Aspects of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence”. In combination with the project under his lead and working practice, Wang Jian pointed out that the core of the city’s brain is based on 阿里巴巴 Cloud ET artificial intelligence technology and consists of five platforms, namely hyperscale computing platform, data acquisition system, data exchange center, open algorithm platform and data application platform. Through a global real-time analysis of the city and by full use of the big data accumulated in the city operation process, it automatically allocates public resources, corrects the defects in the city operation and provides transportation solutions for various events in the city.

Exchange Scene

In recent years, Aisino, taking advantage of its data accumulation in the fields of taxation, credit reporting and AIC, explores and practices the application of big data and AR technologies, actively grasps the hotspots of the development of the information technology industry, is committed to providing advanced smart industry solutions and providing efficient services of higher quality to governments and businesses.

During the event, technology engineers of Aisino, around the innovation researches and result application in the field of Internet, information technology and big data, actively communicated and exchanged with Mr. Wang, expanding way of thinking for Aisino to further achieve the smart application of data and facilitate government transformation and business development and playing an active role in advancing the integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy and promoting the development of China's digital economy.

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