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Aisino Corporation Holding Table Tennis Contest

 Aisino Table Tennis Contest came to end on August 17‚ 2007‚ which has lasted for ten days.

On August 8‚ 2007 ----Olympic Games counting down anniversary‚ Aisino Corporation held the first table tennis contest. Zhao Yonghai‚ deputy board chairman of Aisino Corporation‚ Liu Zhennan‚ general manager‚ Zhao Wei‚ deputy general manager‚ Gong Baoguo‚ deputy general manager‚ etc. came and watched the game. And the staff participated in the game zealously. Champions and Runner-ups of Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles arouse eventually after intensive competition. Officers of China Aerospace Science & Industry Group and Aisino Corporation issued awards to the winners.

    The competition conducted by Labor Union received wide attention from whole staff‚ activating staff cultural life‚ and strengthening the communication and friendship among departments and staff.
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