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Aisino and Jinan Government Convene Strategic Cooperation Meeting - Project Entering Agreement Signing Ceremony

On May 16, 2016, Aisino and Jinan Municipal People's Government (hereinafter referred to as Jinan Municipal Government) held Strategic Cooperation Meeting – Project Entering Agreement Signing Ceremony, attended by member of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal Government and vice mayor of Jinan city Su Shuwei, Deputy Director of Jinan Hi-tech Zone Administration Zhang Duanwu, Aisino’s Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee Shi Yang, and Deputy General Manager Chen Rongxing, etc.

Shi Yang and Su Shuwei have in-depth communication

At the meeting, the two sides had in-depth discussion and exchange of ideas on future strategic collaboration. Shi Yang introduced the status quo of Aisino, and thanked Jinan municipal government for its policy support given to Aisino, noting that Aisino will fully rely on its aerospace talent, technology, capital and resource advantages and the signing of this agreement to play an active role in the development of Jinan’s smart city, enterprise cloud platform for big data and tax information, and to boost Jinan’s economic development and employment.

Su Shuwei pointed out that Aisino develops major projects in Jinan high-tech zone shows its trust of Jinan municipal government, and hoped Aisino to introduce more information products and services to Jinan, and Jinan government will reinforce its support to ensure the timely landing of the projects.

The two sides sign project entering agreement  

Aisino’s representative Chen Rongxing signed the project entering agreement with Zhang Duanwu, representative of Jinan municipal government. According to the agreement, Aisino’s wholly owned subsidiary Shandong Aisino Co., Ltd. will enter Jinan Hi-tech Zone to deal with tax information promotion and application.

In the future, Aisino will actively integrate resources and innovate cooperation patterns to make greater contributions to the social and economic development of Jinan.

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