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Aisino Holds 2015 Business Plan Meeting

On March 26-27, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) had its 2015 Business Plan Meeting in Beijing. A total of more than 170 people participated in the meeting, including the members of its management team, middle-level cadres of its headquarters, and the delegates of its nationwide branches, subsidiaries and service units. At the meeting chaired by Mr. Gong Baoguo, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Shi Yang, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee and Mr. Yu Liang, General Manager, respectively delivered important speeches and Mr. Yu Liang issued liability statements to the target units.

Gong, on behalf of the management team, delivered a mobilization report themed “Grasp the Historic Opportunity, Make Strategic Layout and Accelerate Transformation and Upgrading to Ensure the Completion of the 2015 Operating Tasks”. The report analyzed the development situation facing Aisino in 2015, proposed the main measures of the management work in 2015, and clarified to grasp the decomposition and implementation of various assessment jobs, strengthen business risk control, improve assessment system, accelerate business and personnel restructuring and upgrading and promote overall tightening party discipline and other work requirements.

Deputy General Manager Wang Yumin read the Notice on Issuing 2015 Annual Assessment Work Plan and CFO Zhang Fengqiang read the Notice on Issuing the Primary Business Objective Responsibility for 2015.

At the meeting, relevant business sector made a report on 2015 business plan and current economic operation analysis and presentations on the 2015 annual operating and assessment, risk control, party building and other jobs. Golden Tax, Enterprise Market Industry Headquarters, Financial Electronic Payment and Service Industry Division, and IoT Technology & Application Division respectively made business introduction.

Mr. Shi Yang, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, delivers an important speech

Mr. Yu Liang, General Manager of Aisino, delivers an important speech

Mr. Yu Liang, General Manager of Aisino, issues liability statements to service units

In combination with Aisino’s “3432” objectives in 2015, Mr. Yu Liang, analyzed the current situation and summed up the work in the first quarter. To ensure the successful completion of various tasks in 2015 and have good start of the big development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, he asked all units: first, to understand the situation, seize opportunities, make overall planning and speed up development; second, to concentrate efforts to ensure the successful completion of the nationwide promotion of “business tax reform to VAT”; third, to combine with the reality, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and well plan the development of IoT, financial sector and international business while ensuring the Golden Tax foundation; fourth, to attach great importance to the economic operation analysis and tighten business risk control; fifth, attach great importance to big quality and big security.
Mr. Shi Yang announced the KPI indicators for the management members of the Company. He put forward four requirements to every business units on the 2015 business work: first, implement the development strategy of Aisino in the completion of key work; second, play the respective advantages and promote the transformation and upgrading during the formation of characteristics; third, well make overall arrangement and learn to “play the piano”; fourth, accelerate enterprise comprehensive information service construction and make early layout for the era of “post-business tax reform to VAT”. At the same time, he specifically proposed four requirements on governing the party severely and strengthening the party’s construction: First, adhere to “grasp both links at the same time and attach sufficient importance to both”, integrate party branch work into business management and gradually achieve equality between rights and responsibilities in party branch work; Second, the leading cadres at all levels should strengthen their political sensitivity and carefully do the special rectification of “three improper behaviors”; Fourth, firmly establish a sense of discipline and rule, resolutely prevent the resurgence and comeback of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance; Fourth, break the performance culture dominated by economic indicators and realize all-round company development.

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