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Aisino Holds Youth Speech Contest

On May 4, 2014, to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, the Youth League Commission of Aisino Corporation (Aisino) held a youth speech contest themed “The Dream of China, the Dream of Youth and the Dream of Aisino-The Struggling Youth Most Beautiful”. Through the recommendations and selection, 19 contestants from 16 units across the country participated in the contest. Mr. Shi Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Aisino, Mr. Fu Jianjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Ms. Sun Yan, Chairman of Trade Union, and the secretaries of the party branches of the headquarters attended the event. The youth representatives in Beijing participated in the activity at the main venue, and the party and company leaders and youth representatives out of Beijing participated in the activity via the video conference system.

Mr. Shi Yang delivers a speech

Before the contest, Mr. Fu Jianjun announced the decisions of the Youth League Commissions of CASIC and Aisino on the commendation of 2013 May Fourth series of selections and called on the CYL members and youth in Aisino’s system to play a role of main force and commando in the company’s transformation and upgrading and second pioneering and make efforts to create new achievements and make new contribution for the good and rapid development of Aisino.

Mr. Fu Jianjun announces the decisions on the commendation of 2013 May Fourth series of selections

After playing a propaganda film, the contest officially began. The contestants talked about their dreams and efforts for dream realization from such aspects as job, family and ambition. Through sharing the youth struggle stories of Aisino people in different periods and in different positions who have the courage to explore and dare to innovate, the contestants made a good voice, agglomerate positive energy, inspire and guide the youth to closely combing the individual youthful dreams, the Chinese dream and Aisino’s dream together and achieve daring to dream, boldly chasing dream and being diligent in realizing dream. Finally, Handong from Aisino Hebei won the first prize, and Yang Ping of Aisino Jiangshu and Xu Jinzi of System Engineering Company the second prize, and Jiang Yi of Technical Service Center, Zhao Xin of Institute of Technology, Xiao Wei and Dai Zhenzhen of Aisino Anhui the third prize.

Han Dong of Aisino Hebei’s speech One May Way-My Aisino’s Dream

After the contest, Mr. Shi Yang expressed on behalf of Asino’s Party Committee and Management, festival greeting to the young friends in various positions and congratulated the outstanding young individuals and youth collectives winning 2013 CYL series of commendations. In his speech, Shi Yang made an comprehensive introduction to the company’s youth of the situations faced after Aisino enter a new stage of development, explained the connotations of Aisino’s Dream and put forward five requirements on Aisino’s youth: First, use the Internet thinking for self arming; second, develop the habit of lifelong learning; third, establish a realistic and pragmatic work style; fourth, maintain harmonious and stable working environment; fifth, keep the passionate working condition.

The present leaders and contestants

Career is glorious because of arduousness, and youth is beautiful because of struggle. On a new starting point of Aisino’s transformation, upgrading and second pioneering, Aisino’s youth is bound to address the challenges with fuller passion, more excellent skills, solider style and better state, contribute youthful power to building Aisino into a world-class IT business group and shine a brilliant youthful luster in the process of realizing Chinese Dream and Aisino’s Dream!

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