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Aisino Holds New Year Party 2013

In order to celebrate the Spring Festival in advance, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) held a New Year party on Jan. 10, 2013. Yu Bin, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, Yu Liang, Vice Chairman, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, Deputy General Managers Gong Baoguo and Chen Jiangning, Pan Qiujia, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, Fu Jianjun, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Wei Hongwen, Chief Engineer, and Guo Bao’an, Deputy General Manager attended the New Year Party and enjoyed a happy get-together with 650 employees at the corporate HQ. 


Yu Liang, General Manager delivers a speech on behalf of Aisino leaders

Yu Liang, General Manager of Aisino addressed the New Year Party on behalf of Aisino leaders. First he sent New Year’s greetings to all the staff, and expressed heartfelt thanks for everyone’s hard work over the past year. He said that, in 2012, under the firm leadership of the Party Committee of Aisino and the positive efforts of the staff, Aisino braved the severe development situation, timely adjusted its strategic arrangements, optimized the industrial structure, consolidate fundamental business, expanded main business, accelerated the deployment of new industries, made a series of major breakthroughs and achievements, and completed the business targets assigned by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) and the board of directors. General Manager Yu Liang encouraged the employees to, in 2013, while making efforts to achieve the company’s development goals, cultivate and improve themselves, face challenges and seize opportunities, blaze new trails and keep pace with the times, so as to bring about sustained and sound development of Aisino. 


The Flirting Scholar


Fahai, You Do Not Understand Love


The Drunkened Concubine (New Version)

At the New Year Party, employees from each branch division of the HQ put on wonderful theatrical performances by melodious singing, graceful dancing, humorous witty skits and inspiring poetry reading, giving full expression to Aisino people’s spirit of being positive, optimistic, and enterprising.


President Yu Bin presents the prize to the outstanding winner


General Manager Yu Liang presents the prize to first-prize winners


Prize presentation to second-prize winners


Prize presentation to third-prize winners

Lucky draw pushed the New Year Party to a new high. The company’s middle-level (and above) leaders respectively drew seven-grade awards and presented the awards to the winners.
After the lucky draw, the company staff paid New Year calls to each other and had a dinner together, concluding the New Year Party in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. All the employees are proud of Aisino’s development and growth and wished Aisino a better tomorrow!

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