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Aisino’s “Qualified Staff Home” Smoothly Passes Acceptance
On the afternoon of December 25, 2012, the establishment work of the Family Home of Aisino Corporation (Aisino) smoothly passed the acceptance by staff home establishment acceptance group of the Beijing Area Labor Union of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) and became “Qualified Staff Home”.
The acceptance group consisting of Wang Jiansheng, Deputy Secretary of Beijing Area Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Area Labor Union of CASIC, Sun Xuetao, Deputy Chairman of Beijing Area Labor Union and Li Xiufen, Deputy Secretary of Party Secretary of the Seventh Institution, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of Labor Union conduct field inspection acceptance on the staff home establishment work of Aisino. Yu Bin, Assistant General Manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) and Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, Fu Jianjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Sun Yan, Chairman of Labor Union and the representatives of middle-level cadres and staff representatives participated in Inspection and Acceptance Debriefing.
The acceptance group listened to staff home establishment work report, referred to home establishment archives, inspected the field of staff activity, visited the staff homes of grassroots labor unions, had talks with the representatives of middle-level cadres and staff representatives, and heard the appraisal and opinions on staff’s home establish activity. Through discussion, the acceptance group consistently held that Aisino accorded with the requirements of declaring qualified staff home. 
Mr. Yu Bin delivers a speech on behalf of Aisino’s party committee 
Mr. Wang Jiansheng delivers a speech on behalf of acceptance group
Mr. Fu Jianjun presides over the meeting
Ms. Sun Yan makes staff home establishment work report
The acceptance group visits the construction of the staff homes of grassroots labor unions
At the debriefing, Ms. Sun Yan delivered a report named “establishing qualified staff home and promote second pioneering of Aisino”. From such eight aspects as company profile, staff home hardware facilities establishment, democratic management, people orientation, business & production, cultural activities, self construction and social responsibility, the report covered each work of Aisino in establishing “qualified staff home”.
Mr. Wang Jiansheng delivered a report on behalf of the acceptance group. The report held that, during Aisino’s establishment of qualified staff home, the party committee and administrative department of the company paid high attention and offered energetic support, and the labor union took active action, worked hard and had outstanding achievements; the staff home establishment work was characteristic and effective and gave full play to the role of workers in democratic construction; the company actively offered benefit for the employees, enhanced the cohesion among workers and strengthened the staff’s centripetal force. He expressed the hope that Aisino can further well do the work in combination of deeply learning and implementing the spirit of the 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China. First, deeply understand the concept of “home”, continue to strengthen the awareness of “home” and make the staff fully participate in staff home establishment work; second, further deepen home establishment, push business development, and promote democratic management of enterprise; third, continually improve staff quality through staff home establishment activity; fourth, construct harmonious labor relation and build harmonious enterprise through home building activity; fifth, organically combine staff home work and modern enterprise system of listed company and constantly promote the healthy and rapid development of the company.
Mr. Yu Bin expressed the appreciation for the guidance of staff establishment home acceptance group on behalf of Aisino. He said the party committee of Aisino attaches great importance to the work of labor unions, always puts foundational work at a prominent position, always adhere to driving labor union building through party building, constantly strengthens the construction of labor unions and supports labor unions to actively conduct the building of staff home. Labor union plays an irreplaceable important role in company reform, development and stability and provides powerful spiritual motivation, cultural support and ideological guarantee for accelerating company development. He hoped that the labor union of the company can continually insist on the guiding ideology of “staff home establishment is to build labor union, team and enterprise”, constantly deepen home establishment upgrading and construct Aisino into an advanced staff home and a model staff home as soon as possible.
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