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Design Second Pioneering and Boost Leapfrog Development with the Spirit of the 18th National Congress of CPC
Since the successful conclusion of the 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China (CPC), Aisino Corporation (Aisino), in accordance with the unified deployment of the party group of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), has rapidly organized each unit to extensively conduct kinds of activities to thoroughly learn and implement the spirit of the congress. It created dense learning atmosphere and constantly boosted learning activities to climax. Under the leadership of the company’s party committee, all cadres and employees, with the spirit of the congress as guidance, are actively designing Aisino’s second pioneering, constantly consolidating the foundational industry, actively expanding main business, accelerating layout in new industries, seeking for development, enhancing marketing efforts, striving for tasks, tightening management, establishing new systems, strengthening core and maintaining advantages to ensures the successful completion of annual task indicators. Aisino is marching towards the development as a world-class IT industry group.
According to the request of Aisino’s party committee, learning and implementing the spirit of the 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China was regarded as the top political task for the current stage and in certain future period and as an important measure to comprehensively strengthen the team building of party members and cadres and comprehensively push forward the development of corporate reform. Aisino carefully organizes each learning and implementing activity. On the basis of carrying out concentrated study by party members and central group learning by party committee in the early stage, the party committee perfected learning plans, outlined learning topics to discuss and transferred the spirit of the congress and the theoretical innovation results of CPC into the leading competence and competitive advantages promoting the sustainable development of enterprise. Meanwhile, the committee organized the party members to learn the report of 18th National Congress of the CPC and use Internet to watch video materials. It requested that the spirit of the congress is communicated to each employee, each grassroots branch has a learning focus and each party member submits a learning experience.
To continually maintain its rapid development, Aisino put forward that it will accelerate transformation, coordination and reform in accordance with the new requirements of the 18th National Congress of CPC on accelerating economic development. First, continually increase investment in research and development, establish the innovation and stimulation mechanism adapting the requirements of market development and significantly enhance the level of technology research and development; second, insist on the path of innovative development, aim at the emerging high-end industries especially supported by the state, and cultivate new industries that may drive the common development of national marketing service system as soon as possible. Third, give play to the advantages of service and make efforts to build the nationwide service units into an important bridgehead for CASIC to implement development of civil-military integration and realize transformation and upgrading.
Aisino further put forward that the implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of CPC will focus on pushing the level of the company’s scientific development. Only insisting on unswerving company development objective, deeply understanding and comprehensively implementing scientific outlook on development, firmly catching the important historical opportunity that the state develops modern service industry and strategically emerging industry, promoting the deeply integration between informationization and industrialization and making efforts in transferring the learning process into a process of tackling problems, realizing innovative development and promoting work and driving the level of the company’s scientific development can the spirit of the congress be well learned and implemented. Therefore, Aisino requires all cadres and employees to firstly regard scientific development as the guidance of all work, strive to do a good job in terms of market, adjustment, project, innovation, management and service, focus on strengthening crisis awareness, responsibility awareness, development awareness, competition awareness and global awareness, try to well change the way of development and make the company stronger and more excellent. Secondly, the company insists on seeking efficiency from management, amending and improving strategic planning, adjusting and optimizing the allocation of resources, integrating company resources according to industry plates, implementing separate operation and platform management, and constantly improving management level. Furthermore, the company will accelerate the implementation of the new industrial layout, expand the whole industry chain of key industries and entering the emerging market of strategic importance.
As the flagship enterprise in CASIC’s information technology plate, Aisino has been paying attention to party building, driving the building of labor union and communist youth party through party building and strengthening the building people-centric corporate culture. Under the guidance of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, all cadres and employees of Aisino actively adopt various countermeasures and are deeply carrying out the labor competitions themed “work hard for 100 days to tackle important problems and ensure target realization” and special youth commando activities including transformation of business tax into value-added tax to ensure the perfect completion of kinds of tasks in 2012 and drive the rapid, scientific and harmonious development of Aisino. Meanwhile, the company will continually well do grassroots party building work with the spirit of reform and innovation, complete the long-term mechanism of competition through joint efforts in mechanism control, organization building, interactive work and effect creation, constantly improve the overall efficiency of party building, provider important guarantee for pushing the company to realize comprehensive and coordinated sustainable development and make due contribution to the company’s leapfrog development.
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