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Aisino Successively Wins Top 100 Chinese Listed Company by Market Capitalization Management
On May 26, 2012, the 6th Chinese Listed Company Market Capitalization Management Forum was held in Beijing. Aisino Corporation (Aisino) successively won “Top 100 Chinese Listed Company by Market Capitalization Management” relying on good performance on the capital market. Miss Wang Yumin, Deputy General Manager and Board Secretary of Aisino, won “Best Capital Investment Board Secretary Award” again.
Jointly sponsored by China Center for Market Value Management, China Center for Financial Research, Sina and China Association for Public Companies, the forum aims to improve and strengthen the market value management of listed companies and promote the sustainable development of China’s capital market. This time, the award selection was based on the combination of industry nominations and company self-recommendation. The organizing committee first selected candidates and posted their names on Sina for one-month online voting, and then the expert committee appraised various awards finally according to the voting results. Compared to the previous years, this appraisal paid more attention to the performance of the market capitalization management and investor relation management of listed companies, and adjusted corresponding selection criteria, award names and award setting. By virtue of superior market value management performance and value realization capacity, Aisino has won the honor for the second consecutive year.
The win is not only an affirmation of Aisino’s years of enterprise operation achievements but also a kind of praise and encouragement from the capital market on Aisino’s long-term strengthening of and attention to market value management and investor relation management. In the future, Aisino will further reflect the value management capacity and creative capacity of the company and continue to feed back shareholders, mass investors and the society with good achievements and steady market performance.
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