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Fang Xiangming Visits Aisino Guangxi for Inspection and Work Guidance
On Mar. 27, 2012, Fang Xiangming, Deputy General Manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), and Jiao Guangming, Vice Director of Economic Cooperation Department visited Aisino Technologies Co., Ltd. (Aisino Guangxi) for Inspection and Work Guidance.
Fang listened carefully to the working reports of Aisino Guangxi and made important instructions: First, the future development trend is not only “military” serving “civil” but more likely “civil” serving “military”, and the development concept of “big defense and big security” should be practiced; Second, the idea of innovation and development shall be adhered to as it is the foundation of long-term development and the basis of future development; Third, innovation is a must for development just as “soul” is inseparable with “spirit”; Fourth, higher trust from customers and better development are dependent on good after-sales service starting from the point of view to solve problems for customers; Fifth, corporate culture and thinking building should be attached importance to, as products and technologies can be copied but corporate culture and thinking are essence that can not be copied for an enterprise. Fang told the employees of Aisino Guangxi four reflections: Well doing duly job is a step forward; the courage to undertake is a kind of ability; learning tolerance is a kind of virtue; mutual appreciation is a kind of happiness!
Fang’s Visit of Aisino Guangxi for work guidance reflect CASIC’s concern about and recognition on Aisino, especially Aisino Guangxi, and will positively promote the development of Aisino Guangxi.
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